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Angel's Gate is a residential, non-profit, 501 (C) 3 home for special needs animals. Here animals, many of whom are terminally and / or critically ill or physically challenged, come to live out their days in peace, dignity and love. Our focus is on wellness and quality of life. We provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each animal. We take a holistic approach in animal care, giving all needed supportive services including hospice care.

If you come to visit our home you're likely to be impressed with the vitality of our family members even though they are "special needs" animals. Many require physical therapy, medical attention and nursing care. They may have cancer, liver or kidney disease, paralyses, blindness, deafness, diabetes, neurological or seizure disorders, orthopedic or geriatric problems. Still the overall impression is one of vibrant life and peaceful living. Most dogs and cats are active and relate in socially positive ways.

Currently, at our home we care for some 200 individuals of many species. These include dogs, cats, parrots, ponies, ducks, swan, pigeons, geese, chickens and rabbits. Dogs and cats receive a raw food natural diet (B.A.R.F. diet) specially prepared by a local butcher.

Our animals are a part of the Angel's Gate household. Most are free to roam their home and/or the spacious back yard. Dogs and cats are not crated. Only the parrots are caged. The water fowl, chickens and pigeons are penned at night for their protection.

There is never a fee when we adopt an animal with special needs. We depend solely on supporter contributions which come to us from all over the United States. We even have supporters from as far away as Canada, France, Germany ,The Netherlands, Africa and many from Japan.

Angel's Gate is located on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island, in the township of Smithtown, in Western Suffolk County.