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At Miss Boogers, we believe that our pets add a value to our lives that is not obtainable anywhere else.  For this reason, we strive to return that value by providing a world of quality pet supplies plus pet sitting services to both you and your pets.  So whether you have dogs or cats, offering outstanding, all-around pet care is our goal.  

We offer hundreds of dog products for all of your canine needs, including dog beds, many dog toys and a variety of dog crates.  Keeping our furry friends healthy is important, so don’t forget about your dog’s health needs like dog supplements and flea and tick treatments

For cat lovers, we offer hundreds of cat products to keep even the most finicky feline happy.  Visit our Cats page to find the best cat toys, warm cat beds, unique cat furniture and the top cat wellness products available.  You will also get great advice on how to win over your top cat and get her affection on a daily basis.

If you are local to the Harpers Ferry, WV area or are planning to travel here, check out our Pet Sitting Services.  Unlike dog kennels, we are a unique pet care experience in that we do not use kennels.  You dogs live with us in our home as if they were our own pets.  We offer Doggy Day Care and Overnight Dog Boarding and everything in between!  We can come to your home for pet sitting visits, dog walks, potty breaks, and feeding & playtime.  We offer pick-up & drop-off services, as well as baths & nail trims. 
We also have an amazing Cat Room where your cat will have a relaxing and fun stay here with plenty of cat toys, a climbing system and plenty of comfortable cat beds to choose from.  While it is a cage-free experience for your favorite feline, she is still safely kept separate from the dogs.

So, for all your pet supplies plus pet sitting services that will far exceed your wildest expectations, look no further than Miss Boogers.  We are grateful that you stopped by and it is truly our pleasure to serve you and your pets, now and in the future!