Miss Booger's Pet Sitting Policies and Procedures

  1. Consultation: Initial consultations are free. This time allows us to get to know your critters and to set up your customized pet sitting services for visits to your home.  For boarding/daycare, it allows you to view the premises and make sure your dog(s) will be happy and comfortable in Boogerville.  It is also when any questions regarding paperwork/services can be answered. A copy of vet/vaccinations records must be provided to Miss Booger’s, LLC at this time.


Miss Booger’s, LLC prices are based upon location, number of pets and the services requested.  This can be discussed at the consultation, or please call us at 681-252-1113 to discuss it ahead of time.  Miss Booger’s, LLC reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove prices for any such services, at any time and without notice.


Once you have requested an initial consultation, we can email you digital forms to fill out on your pets, etc., and a Veterinary Release Form to digitally sign.   All of these forms can be returned via email to missboogers@comcast.net, or printed out and turned over at the consultation.

  1. Payment: Payment in full is due on / before the first scheduled visit or at time of drop-off for boarding/daycare unless special arrangements are agreed upon by both parties in writing.  First-time Clients must pay in advance.  Payment can be made by cash, check, Google Wallet, Visa, MC, Discover, or PayPal.  If paying by cash, check or Google Wallet, 6% tax must be added to the clients total for services.  If paying by credit card or PayPal, 11% will be added to the total for services to cover taxes and processing fees.  There is a $35 Service Charge for returned checks.  All client information is kept confidential and secure. 
  2. Holidays: There is an additional $10.00 fee for each home visit and a $10.00 fee per dog/per day of boarding/daycare for each of the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve. (Entire day)                                        Independence Day (4th of July)

New Year’s Day                                                                 Labor Day

Easter                                                                                   Thanksgiving Day

Mother’s Day                                                                     Christmas Eve. (Entire day)

Father’s Day                                                                       Christmas Day

Memorial Day


     Early Morning / Late Night Visits:  Visits before 8 am or after 10 pm will incur a $5 per visit fee.


  1. Cancellation: Cancellations are subject to the following fees/charges: 
  • 2 – 7 days before the start of services will result in 50% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care.
  • Less than 48 hrs. before the start of services will result in 100% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care. No refund or credit for future services will be issued.
  • There is no refund or credit for delayed departures or early returns.
  • Two (2) weeks’ notice is required for termination of regular daily, mid-day services.
  1. Inclement Weather/Natural Disaster: Given our location, Miss Booger’s, LLC always asks that, if possible, you provide the name and number of a person living nearby as an emergency contact.  If we are unable to reach your home due to impassable roads, we will contact that person.  Please let them know of this possibility in advance.  If arrangements are made with an emergency contact and Miss Booger’s. LLC cannot make it to your home, a credit for the services missed will be applied to future services.  

If no emergency contact can be provided, we can arrange for your pet(s) to be picked up and brought to Miss Booger’s, LLC facility (Boogerville) prior to any bad weather.  If there are incompatibilities, your pet will be crated or otherwise confined until we can return them home.  Client agrees to pay any additional fees incurred for the transport, boarding, etc. of your pets in an emergency due to weather, etc.


  1. Keys: Two sets of keys are required so that we can keep a backup copy in our office safe for emergency purposes (accidental lock out, broken key, etc.).  All keys are discretely labeled and kept secure and confidential.  Keys can be returned to the client after each service period but there will be a $20 fee for any additional visits to pick up or drop off a key(s).  Alternatively, keys can be left outside the home in a secure place at the beginning and end of services.  Miss Booger’s, LLC is not liable for any lost or stolen keys due to these circumstances.  The client is welcome to pick up or drop off their keys for free.


  1. Solicitation of Miss Boogers, LLC Sitters: Client agrees that all reservations for present and future pet sitting services must be made through Miss Booger’s, LLC and not the individual sitter.  Client is aware that the Miss Booger’s, LLC sitter may give out his/her personal number to the Client.  Client agrees to use this number only for communication regarding their pet’s care.  Client is aware that should this contract be broken; legal fees and misuse-of-staff charges will apply. 


  1. Pet Containment: It is the Client’s responsibility to provide a safe, escape-proof environment in their home/yard for their pets by way of extra doors, gates, crates, etc.   In addition, fences (wood, electronic, metal, or any other type) should be deemed secure before the service period begins, as well as ID tags and/or microchips placed on the pets.   Client’s dog(s) are required, by law, to be on a leash during dog walk services, when outside of Client’s residence/yard, and when arriving/leaving Miss Boogers’ facility.


Client and sitter are aware that the highest level of care shall be given to any and all pets under the care of any pet sitter representing Miss Boogers, LLC.  Client is aware that pet(s) are instinctual in nature and not always controllable by the sitter even when the highest level of care is provided. 

Should the Client’s animal(s) run away or be injured, the Client agrees that Miss Boogers, LLC, or its sitters, will not be responsible for any liability.  The above waiver of liability in favor of Miss Boogers, LLC and its sitters shall not apply or be effective if Miss Boogers, LLC or its sitters’ conduct in providing pet care services is found to be grossly negligent, reckless, or if there is intentional misconduct.

  1. Supplies: For visits to client’s home, the Client is responsible for supplying all necessary and safe equipment/supplies needed for care of their pet(s), including but not limited to, food, leashes, collars/ID tags, litter boxes/scoops, litter, waste bags, cleaning supplies, and medicines.  A first aid kit is recommended as well.  Client authorizes any purchase necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties, as well as service fees for obtaining items needed; to be reimbursed within 14 days from the end of services.     
  2. Fleas: All pets coming into Boogerville are required to be on regular flea & tick treatment.  This is for the safety of all of my clients as well as my own pets.  Therefore, if your pet is found to have fleas while in my home, flea treatment will be applied and you will be charged a Flea Fee of $100.00.   In addition, if a flea problem is discovered in your home by Miss Booger’s, LLC or its sitters, Client agrees to reimburse any and all costs incurred to stop the spread of fleas to Boogerville or other clients’ homes.
  3. Visit Times: Due to scheduling, and the unpredictability of pets, we ask that you be flexible when requesting visits to your home.   We cannot guarantee an exact time for your visits but we do try to come as close to your requested times as possible.  Usually, a window of 1-2 hours is all that is needed, and multiple visits throughout the day will be spaced out as evenly as possible.  The amount of time spent at each visit varies as well but we will always ensure that everything is completed as agreed upon and that your pet(s) are happy and content.
  4. Damages: Miss Booger’s, LLC is licensed, bonded & insured.  We are not responsible for damages or loss to your home beyond our control (leaks, electrical problems, act of nature, burglary, etc.).  Client agrees to secure home prior to leaving the premises.  Miss Boogers, LLC and its sitters will attempt to re-secure the home according to Client instructions at the end of each visit.

If such damages are found, we will contact you immediately before taking action to resolve the problem.  If extra fees, such as travel, materials, etc. are required, Client agrees to reimburse Miss Booger’s, LLC within 14 days of the end of services.   Additionally, Miss Booger’s, LLC is not liable for any fees or damages resulting from the malfunction or accidental triggering of a security system.

  1. Client Home Care Needs: Miss Boogers, LLC is not responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants.  Miss Boogers, LLC sitters will work hard to follow written instructions as precisely as possible, but cannot be responsible if the results are not favorable to the Client.  Please place all indoor plants together on a waterproof surface in plain sight as your pet sitter is not responsible for water-damaged areas or missed plants.
  2. Injury to Client animal(s) by another animal: Miss Boogers, LLC and its sitters will not be responsible for any animal(s) that instigate fights with other animals or is injured by another animal while in Miss Boogers’ care.  Miss Boogers, LLC will take all appropriate actions to ensure that Client’s animal(s) are not placed in the company of aggressive or violent animals and/or will immediately remove Client’s animal(s) from any potential animal fight.
  3. Damage by Pet to Others: Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to any Miss Booger’s, LLC pet sitters, other persons, or to the property of Miss Boogers, LLC or other persons by the Client’s pet(s).  Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Miss Booger’s, LLC and its pet sitters, in the event of a claim by any person injured by Client’s pet(s).  In the event that another animal is bitten by Client’s pet(s) or exposed to any disease or ailment from Client’s pet(s), it will be Client’s responsibility to pay all medically related costs and damages incurred by the ‘victim’ pet’s owner.  Miss Booger’s, LLC reserves the right to refuse services for any pet that has any form of contagious disease.

Miss Booger’s, LLC is not liable for any damage done to the clients’ home or personal property by their pets.  Should your pet soil the carpet, floor or furniture, we ask that cleaning supplies be provided so that we can clean the areas to the best of our abilities.  

Client further acknowledges that any history or tendency by their pet(s) towards straying, fighting, biting, destructive behavior or property damage has been fully disclosed to us, and that Client is responsible for any costs associated with said tendencies.  Miss Booger’s, LLC reserves the right to refuse service if a dog’s behavior is deemed to be dangerous or threatening. 

  1. Arriving Home: Clients are required to contact Miss Booger’s, LLC via phone, text or email as soon as they arrive home so we know they are resuming responsibility for their pets.  Doing so will avoid any additional charges for unnecessary visits to your home. 
  2. Vaccinations: Client agrees to keep their pet(s) current on ALL veterinarian recommended vaccinations as long as Client is receiving services from Miss Booger’s, LLC.  These requirements may be waived upon written recommendation from a pet’s veterinarian.  **All dog owners must provide proof of current Rabies vaccination for their pets at the time of initial consultation. **  
  3. Medical Emergencies: All clients are required to read and sign a Veterinary Release form, granting Miss Booger’s, LLC permission to seek medical treatment for their pet(s) if Client’s pet(s) become ill or injured while under our care.  Every effort will be made to contact Client by Miss Booger’s prior to seeking medical treatment for their pet.  In most cases, the veterinarian will want to speak with the client so please provide a reliable contact number on the Veterinary Release Form.  We recommend that clients keep their credit card on file with their regular vet, should emergencies happen.  However, it may be necessary to go to an emergency veterinary facility during off hours.  Clients are responsible for payment of all medical bills as well as all Special Service fees ($40/per hour) assessed by Miss Boogers, LLC for emergency transportation, care, supervision, or hiring of emergency caregivers, and will pay such fees within 14 days of each incident.
  4. Responsibility Shared with Friends and Relatives: We understand your desire to save money by having friends or relatives help out, but due to insurance and liability concerns we must decline accepting these types of shared visits.
  5. Other Peoples’ Pets: If you are caring for someone else’s pet in your home and require our services, the owner of said pet is required to fill out, read and sign their own contracts with Miss Booger’s, LLC, as well as provide proof of vaccinations.
  6. Sitter Safety: Occasionally a family member or friend may accompany our sitters on visits, i.e., after dark.  This is to ensure our safety and it will always be someone that we trust completely.  We will be happy to provide any information about said tag-a-longs to make you more comfortable.

    22. Boogerville In-House Rules: Due to the fact that our guests stay in our home with us and other pets, we must require all dogs that come to Boogerville be:

  1. Spayed/Neutered
  2. Current on all vaccines and flea preventative
  3. Other-dog & cat friendly, and pig-friendly ;)
  4. House-broken

If your dog has a history of scratching, chewing, biting or other destructive behaviors, you are required to inform us of this in advance.  You are responsible for any and all damages to our belongings/property caused by your dog.  Because we want the best care for your critters, visits to your home should be considered if your pet is especially anxious in new environments.  We hope you'll understand.  Thanks!

  1. Privacy: Miss Booger’s, LLC will safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information we obtain from you. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect for the purpose of your pet’s visits and to process your credit card transactions. This notice describes our privacy policy as it relates to the collection, protection and disclosure of such information resulting from credit card transactions and client registrations and profiles.
    The credit card information provided by you to Miss Booger’s, LLC will be stored in a confidential manner.

The terms of this document apply to all pets owned by the client, including any and all new pets that the client obtains on or after the date this document/contract was signed, at any and all locations the owner designates for service.  Please read the above Policies and Procedures carefully to ensure that you understand them before signing this document.