How to take Your Pet's Temperature

Normal body temperature for dogs and cats at rest ranges between 99° and 102.5°F Strenuous exercise or stress can cause their temp to go up slightly but it should return to normal once they have calmed down.  While a fever may not be dangerous by itself, it can point to more serious underlying problems.  The list below gives various temperatures and what action to take for each one:

Signs to Look For:

Symptoms of Hyperthermia (High Temperature) may include:  Lethargy, Excessive Panting & Red Gums.

Symptoms of Hypothermia (Low Temperature) May include:  Shivering, Stiffness, Lethargy, or your pet may seem delirious.


Let’s face it, taking your pet’s temperature is an unpleasant endeavor for both you and your pet!  However, the benefits far outweigh the discomforts. 

Being able to take your pet’s temperature will allow you to have a baseline knowledge of what is normal when your pet is healthy and calm.  This will enable you to more quickly asses the urgency should your pet ever become ill or injured. 

We strongly recommend taking your pet’s temperature 3 – 4 times per year.  This will not only give more even more accurate information, but it will also train your pet to get used to having it done.  Your pet…and your Vet will thank you!