Miss Booger's Crinkillows Pet Beds

Miss Booger's Pet Sitting & Supplies

$ 18.39 

Miss Boogers Crinkllows Ped Beds are  hand-made pet beds that are a fun way to pamper your pet AND be eco-friendly! Simply stuff Miss Boogers Crinkllows Ped Beds with your crumpled-up, recycled newspapers or shredded documents (if your trust your pet!) for a comfy, crinkly pet bed that dogs or cats are sure to love. Or, stuff with fiber fill, old towels or whatever your dog or cat prefers!
  • Recycle your old newspapers for that crinkle sound that cats love!
  • Recycle your shredded documents as bedding!
  • Use stuffing, an old towel or whatever your pet desires!
  • Pre-shrunk, machine washable!
  • Makes a great cat bed or dog bed!
  • Various prints.
  • Basket not included...neither is the cat!

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