Beverage Stein – Pee-Mail-Server Hydrant – 22 oz


$ 32.00 
SKU: 22210

Cheers to dogs and the tech-savvy alike! Our Pee-Mail-Server Hydrant Beer Stein is a conversation piece all its own. While we rely on technology, dogs have made leaving and checking their messages a real ‘wiz!’


We’ve ‘leaked’ out dogs’ secret method of communication, but please don’t you ‘leak’ after having some frosty beverages! Your Pee-Mail-Server Hydrant Beer Stein will have people smiling as you raise a toast!

  • 22 oz capacity
  • 8.5" circumference 3.75" diameter
  • Made of white ceramic with gold trim at the top and bottom
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • DO NOT place this product in the microwave (gold trim=fire)