Professional Pet Sitting Services - How Do They Handle a Pet Emergency?

Professional Pet Sitting Services - How Do They Handle a Pet Emergency?
By []Sandra Lindstedt

It's nice to not think about all the things that can go wrong while you're away from home. It's also not realistic, especially if you have a pet. Sometimes their curiosity can get the best of them and create situations that need to be handled by a professional, not just the kid next door. Professional pet sitting services provide you with knowledgeable, experienced pet sitters ready to take control of any situation your pet may get himself into. The services pet sitters offer vary depending on where you live. The examples shown below are for Pinellas County Florida area but this should give you an idea of what to expect in your area.

What kind of pet emergencies are we talking about here?

Eating or Swallowing Something

This can range from human food that is harmful or toxic to your pet's digestive system (i.e. chocolate, chicken bones, etc.) to random findings in your garbage (aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc.) and even larger items that can get lodged in their throats like kids' toys, ornaments, etc. Having a professional pet sitter can be a valuable, life-saving service.

Chewing on Something

Pets that are bored will find any way to preoccupy themselves and pass the time. They could chew on electrical cords, which may cause a short in the electrical system or even a small fire. A professional pet sitter will know how to hide the cord and make a bone or toy seem more appetizing. The kid next door, even with the best intentions, may just push aside whatever your pet is chewing on and temporarily distract them.


Your pet may be suffering from indigestion or a stomach flu and cannot help what he or she expels from their body or where it happens. A pet sitter can properly give medication as directed by the vet, clean up the mess, and try to get your pet to eat, drink, and stay active while you're at work. Sometimes the kid next door doesn't realize the responsibility you've assigned to him or her and may not know exactly how to care for a sick pet, other than making sure they're still breathing.

Cuts or Blood

Say your pet accidentally knocks a vase, glass sculpture, or even a glass that was left on the counter onto the floor and it shatters in a million pieces. They don't know that stepping on it will cut their skin and they sure don't know that ingesting it can tear up their intestines. This can happen with multiple pets where one knocks it down and runs away scared but the other comes over to investigate and sniff around. A pet sitter can intervene and prevent any serious danger. He or she can make sure similar things are put away or secure in where they are.

Broken Bones or Sprains

This is especially possible with a multi-level home, a young pet that likes to climb everything, and even elderly pets with weak joints. A simple task of walking down the stairs or jumping down from the sofa can turn into dangerous situations.

If there are any injuries as a result of your pet's curiosity, the professional pet sitter will know where the nearest animal hospital is in relation to your home and the quickest route to get your pet there. They may even have a contact there that can assure faster care. They are also pet first aid certified and will be able to provide emergency life support whenever needed. You may trust the kid next door in your home, but would you really trust them with the life of your beloved pet?

Hire a trained professional pet sitter to keep your pet save and alive!

Sandra Lindstedt loves animals and she extends her passion for caring for them as the owner of Piper's Pet Sitting Service. Sandra has five furry children of her own which she treats like family and would like to provide your pets with the same loving care. She offers professional []pet sitting services to Pinellas County and surrounding areas.

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